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Independent Financial Advisers in Herts, Cambs, Beds and Essex & Surrounding Counties

Welcome to Colin Palmer Financial Services (CPFS) website.

CPFS are UK fee based financial advisers and we believe that our client proposition is simple and clear.

It is our belief that there are three principle reasons why many pension and investment plans under-perform:

1) The funds in most pensions and investments portfolios are not actively monitored or properly reviewed by a Financial Adviser.

2) Most pension and investment plans, once selected,  are not managed in line with a suitable asset allocation and risk profile criteria. Any pre-determined strategic plan is therefore pointless.

3) Many people are failing to get value for money because they are paying higher charges on their portfolio of investments than necessary for the administration of their plans. This is a major problem with the majority of investment plans and is frequently due to the absence of a review programme.

In a nutshell, we offer strategic financial planning solutions and advice to successful individuals and their families.

We do not profess to be stock-pickers nor do we promise to search for the ‘best’ funds available in the market – we believe that the market is too dynamic and fast moving to predict with any degree of accuracy the stocks that are going to out-perform the market.

Our client proposition is to work closely with our clients, establishing their attitude to risk (or more correctly, their attitude to loss!), determine their long term goals and future plans, and then to design and implement a discounted cash flow forecast to enable them to plan for their future.

With appropriate asset allocation in relation to a clients attitude to risk profile we can then build a diversified portfolio to match that profile and then provide a review service tailored to a clients requirements, bi-annually, tri-annually or whatever is required to ensure that a clients plans and aspirations can, as closely as is possible, be met.


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